April 6, Sage Hills - Escape from the rain

With it raining hard at home, we decided to make for one of the few dry spots in the state.  A careful watch of the doppler radar looked positive.  However, we were definitely flirting with the edge of a major precipitation event.  We stared hard at the roadway wake-up bumps filled with rainwater as we descended towards Wenatchee.  Finally, a couple miles before Wenatchee, they went dry.  The Sage Hill trail area above town, had just reopened on April 1, after a winter closure.   With green grass growing and the balsam root flowers blooming, the trails were in the best shape we had ever seen.  We enjoyed a steady climb up the main trail system, then went even higher.  We finally connected into the top of the lightning trail and enjoyed the long downhill back to the car.  Great day.

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