April 17, Slim Shady to Highline, Baldwin, Templeton, and Slim Shady - Sedona

13.5 mile day.  Drove down to the town of Oak Creek, where we stayed 4 nights, 2 years ago.  Parked at the Bike and Bean, and headed up Slim Shady.  Signage is awesome in this network of trails.  We had no problem finding Highline trail this year.  The mileage we put in at Roslyn and Cle Elum paid off.  Made the climb to the top of Highline quite easy.  Did some hike-a-biking down the back side to the Baldwin trail.  Went right and descended to Templeton Trail.  Descended Easy Breezy to HT trail.  Accidently took that to the Bell Rock Pathway (boring road), so double-backed to Slim Shady.  Climbed up and over, and had a fun descent back to the car.  We were pretty whooped at the end of the ride.  It is amazing how a technical 13 mile ride can kick your butt.

Francine climbs Highline trail

Narrow, user-built trail with incredible armoring on the edges

Francine - backside of Highline Trail

Kevin actually rides part of the Highline downhill

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