April 25, Dry Creek Area, finally hit Last Frontier - Sedona

Where to ride today?  Seems like we have ridden all the trails in Francine's ability level.  Kevin still wanted to ride Hangover, but Francine was having none of that.  Today, Kevin wanted to ride from the condo, so we headed out the back door to Plumber’s Crack to Private Color Cove Road to Dry Creek Road to Lizardhead Trail.  Rode this to Chuckwagon, but went left this time to descend to Girdner trail.  Went right to hit Snake, AZ Cypress, Dawa and Cockscomb.  Today is the third day we rode Western Civilization, a fun and awesome trail.  Since Western Civilization isn’t an “official system trail”, it is narrower singletrack.  Stopped at an old deserted camp/ruin for lunch.
It was cloudy and breezy, so when we reached the Last frontier intersection, we decided we needed to try the trail.  5 miles later, after a big descent and climb up Drano, we were at the abandonded cultural center, near the condo.  The trailwork and armoring of the Last Frontier trail into these hillsides and red rock is just amazing.  The Last Frontier trail, another user-built, non-system trail, is just barely wide enough in places for Francine to ride without getting too freaked out.  Other than some narrowness, the trail was more cross country oriented, than technical, which Francine enjoyed.  16 miles.

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