April 19, Chicken Point - Sedona

Renee with Francine following

Thursday was a day off after three days of riding.  We took a day off because Bill and Renee were set to arrive around dinner time.  We wanted a day of rest after 3 days of riding.  We didn't have Wi-Fi at our condo, so we were unable to update our blog until we got home.

Today, Friday, we all drove back to the Oak Creek area to do the ride to Chicken Point.  Parked at the Bike and Bean, climbed Slim Shady to HT to Little Horse and climbed to Chicken Point. 

Renee and Bill at Chicken Point

Bill and Renee finally upgraded their 20 year old hard-tail Klein bikes, to cushy, full suspension 29'er bikes.  They were climbing and rolling over everything.  This was their first time to Sedona, and looked like they were having a great time.
Pink Jeep tours also stop at Chicken Point.  They are always in awe that we rode our bikes up to that point.  They come up on a jeep road from the back side.  Back tracked on Little Horse to Lama Trail to Templeton to Hermit to Coconino to Slim Shady.  Great loop. 12.3 miles.


This is way steeper, bumpier and rocker than it looks.  Only Kevin had the guts to try in our foursome

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