April 20, Chuckwagon & Mescal - Sedona

Bill and Francine on Chuckwagon trail
 Whew – long ride.  Drove and parked a car on Dry Creek Road to shave off a few miles.  Rode Lizard Trail to Chuckwagon to Mescal to Aerie to Cockscomb to Western Civilization to Girdner, finishing at the condo. 
Chuckwagon trail has been adopted into the official trail system, so route-finding was real easy, and the trail is like a freeway now.  The hikers sure love it now, as there is a huge Trailhead/parking area at the start.  Unfortunately we got yelled at by a group of hikers.  Kevin was slowly riding up on a group of four.  When they heard his brakes, they turned and started ranting at us.  Unfortunately, a trail built by mountain bikers is overrun  by hikers for the first two miles. 

Mescal trail
 After Chuckwagon makes a u-turn and heads back west on what used to be named Gunslinger,  we hit the main road.  We were glad to find the Mescal trail, one we failed to find two years ago.  They now have a new connector trail.  Again this entire area is well signed, now.  This trail definitely was better than the jeep road climb and descent we did two years ago, that went around the back side of Mescal mountain.   Mescal  trail wrapped around the front of Mescal rock, another red rock formation.  The second half of Aerie trail was real nice as well.  Once on Western Civilization, we skipped Last Frontier, as we were ready to finish, and rode up Girdner to our condo.  18 miles.



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