June 12 - 17, Francine's Parents & Sally arrive

June 12, Friday - After Francine's morning massage, Francine & Kevin went down to the Waterfront Site so Kevin could windsurf again, as there was wind.  Fred, Sue & Sally arrived around 1pm.  We brought them down to the Waterfront Site where Kevin was windsurfing.  Had to sail when the wind blows.  Kevin remained on the water, while dad treated us to lunch at 3 Rivers Grill.

June 13, Saturday - It was windy again, so Kevin headed to the river.  Francine, Sally, Sue & Fred ventured out to do the Fruit Loop.  Went to Smiley's, Packers, the Alpaca farm, Apple Valley Country Store, and Pheasant Valley Winery.  Thanks for lunch Sally.

June 14, Sunday - Low wind day.  The five us us drove west to Stevenson to check out the Bridge of the Gods.  Checked out the old locks, no longer in use.  Drove over the Bridge of the Gods and headed back to Hood River on the Washington side.  Stopped in White Salmon for lunch at Everybody's Brewing.  Thanks dad.  

June 15, Monday - Mom, Dad & Sally packed up and were out the door by 8:30am.  After morning yoga, we and did a quick ride in Post Canyon.  Then, Kevin headed to the water to sail, while Francine set up her lawn chair and book in the shade on the river.

June 16, Tuesday - Francine had to drive home to do Fire Department and other bookkeeping work.  Kevin stayed in Hood River.  After his morning massage, he rented equipment from Big Winds and headed to The Hatchery to sail.  After getting blown around on his 4.0, he retreated out of the water.  Rough day.

June 17, Wednesday - Francine left Snoqualmie Pass at 6:20am, hoping to miss the 1 hour closure at Milepost 56.  Score!  No delays.  She made it to Hood River in 3.5 hours.  After getting worked on the water the previous day, Kevin was taking a rest day.  So, Francine did a solo ride in Post Canyon climbing to the top of 8Track and descending Bad Motor Scooter and GP and Lower GP.  Still wanting more of a workout, she went to Hot Yoga in the evening.

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