June 9, Moto in am, Tom & Lori bike Old Hwy 30 Trail, Windsurf in pm at Waterfront Park

Had a nice breakfast with Tom and Lori.  They ventured off to ride the Old Hwy 30 trail from Hood River to Mosier.  Francine & I returned to Post Canyon for a short moto ride.  Zoomed up to the top of 8 Track (bike trail) via Reardon Road.  Much quicker on the motorcycle.  Continued on Reardon Road to Trail 140 intersection, that we biked a few days ago.  Headed up the narrow and tight trail to Trail 170 to just a bit past the first road #1009 crossing.  Went up that for a tiny bit, before we turned around.  Climbed up Road #1009 to Riordan Hill road and the intersection of Trail 160.  Went down that and back to the intersection of Trail 170 and 140.  Went down on Trail 160 to the Binns Hill staging area.  Here we hit some Green Circle (baby) trails for a couple short loops.  After that, we headed back down Riordan Hill Road to an intersection with Trail 140.  Kevin took Trail 140 out to finish his day.  Francine rode out Riordan Hill road to the house.  Was getting quite hot by 11:30am.

Lori on Old Hwy 30 Trail

Tom & Lori were at the house after finishing their nice bike ride.  Had some lunch and we all headed to the river to see if Kevin had enough wind to windsurf.  Turns out the predicted wind didn't fully materialize.  He did some slogging.

Tom & Lori had some friends, Jeff & Sally Fiorini, who were also in town at their Hood River house.  We were all invited to a nice salmon dinner.  Busy, fun filled day with nice friends.

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