June 4th, Day 2 Windsurfing, Day 9 of Vacation

Well I still suck, but am slowly improving.   The wind was up and down which made for some challenging non-planing times.   Still dialing in equipment.  Finally getting the harness lines dialed in better.  Started out pretty good, but when I rigged a bigger sail the wind totally died down.  Francine did not seem to understand how everyone else looked fine while I sucked.   Luckily after driving home for lunch and coffee, I gave it one more try while Francine headed off to Dude Yoga.  The wind picked up and I had a couple high speed reaches, fully powered up on my 5.2 sail with an 88 liter RRD 55 board.  Met up with Francine after her yoga class, hit the Thursday Farmers Market at the Middle School for some veges, and had dinner at Lake Taco.

Need more wind.  Luckily I got a little more in the afternoon.

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