June 18-22, Kelly & family arrive

June 18 - Thursday - Francine had a massage in the morning and we hung around the house taking an off day.  Kelly, Jen, Hillary, Hannah and friend Megan were due to arrive early afternoon.  Once we got their stuff unloaded, we headed to the Waterfront Park, so Kellly and Kevin could do some windsurfing.  Kevin was powered fine with this 88 liter board and 5.2 sail.  Kelly was underpowered with his tiny board and 5.3 sail.  After suffering a calf cramp, Kelly conceeded to the lack of wind.

June 19 - Friday - Francine, Kevin, Kelly & Jen drove up the 44Road to do the Knebal Springs Loop.  Parked at the obscure and unmarked trailhead at the intersection of 44Road and FR120.  Headed out Bottle Prairie Trail #455 about 3.3 miles to Knebal Springs Trail 474.  Went left here and continued the fun descent for about 1.1 miles.  At the intersection to the campground, we went left, staying on Knebal Springs Trail, a new climbing trail put in last summer as a connector from the campground and the 44 Road.  Climbed this turny, bermy trail for about 1.2 miles to our climbing trail.  Reached the top and had a fun descent back to the car.  About 10 miles.  Real fun ride.

Later in the day, Francine, Kelly, Kevin and Hillary went to the Family Man area of Post Canyon to mountain bike with Hillary.  We played around on the rollers and features for a bit.  Rode the Lollipop Loop which Hillary seemed to enjoy.  Then ventured out 8Track for a bit, before turning around and making our way back to the car.  Kelly & Jen took us all out to Thai House on the heights for a nice dinner.

June 21, Sunday - Jen shuttled Kelly, Kevin & Francine to Binn Hill Staging Hill area in Post Canyon.  Rode down Dirt Surfer #140 to 8 track to Family man area.  Kelly lost brake fluid, and we headed out Seven Streams Trail.  Kelly only had use of his front brake for the downhill back to the house.  We got back to the house five minutes after Pat and Larry arrived.  Headed back down to the river so Kelly & Kevin could windsurf.

June 22, Monday - Francine headed to yoga, and Kelly &gang were packed and ready to hit the road when she got back to the house.  They were going to explore the sand bar down at the Event Site on the river before the road trip back to Fall City.  Pat and Larry arrived after spending one night at the Best Western.  Pat was a little under the weather.  They almost went home that day.  We threatened Larry by saying he couldn't open Kris's father's day present until she arrived.  Luckily Pat rallied and they decided to send her to her room for the day to rest.  A few hours later, Kris, Jack and Jimmy arrived.  Jack was ready to bike, so we took him to Post Canyon.  Had a nice dinner at 3 Rivers Grill, thanks to Kristin.

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