June 25, Rafting the White Salmon

Kristin signed us up with Wet Planet to raft the White Salmon.   Unfortunately, before the raft trip, Kristin and Jimmy did a bike ride on the Old Hwy 30 paved trail to Mosier.  About 50 feet from the end of their ride, he rode off the pavement into the soft sand and crashed.  After a trip to the ER, he was diagnosed with a broken radius, near the elbow.  While Kristin and Jimmy hung in the ER, we headed to Husum Falls and Wet Planet to go rafting.

Kelly had done the trip earlier in the week with his family and highly recommended Wet Planet.  Due to river flows that were closer to August levels, Wet Planet was able to put in 2 miles higher than the standard commercial launch.   This added a couple of nice class 4 waterfalls and a raft portage where we could cliff jump below a set of falls.  Great way to spend a super hot day.  Even got to run the 12 foot drop on Husum falls.  Hooked up with a splinted Jim and Kris at Everybody's Brewing in White Salmon for nice dinner to finish out the day.

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