June 26, Yoga in AM and Bike from Family Man

Friday - Kris' legs were tired, and she needed to rest them for her Red-Bell 100 bike ride on Saturday.  So, she joined us in yoga.  After yoga, Kris drove us (Kevin, Francine and Jack) up to the Family Man staging area in Post Canyon.  Day was getting hot, so played around on the structures in Family Man, rode out 8Track to Trail106 and headed down Seven Streams to the house.

When we hit the house, Scott/Di and dogs had arrived.  Out with Kris & boys, and in with the Sumners.  We said goodbye to Kris, and after Scott/Di unloaded, we headed down to the river to cool off.  Temps were to hit 102 today.  Had a nice dinner at Full Sail Brewery.

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