June 3, Hospital Hill

Always one of our favorite rides, Hospital Hill.  So named because the trail used to start from the White Salmon Hospital parking lot and climb up to the top of the ridge above the hospital.  This ride is primarily on private property so, in deference to the owners wishes, maps are hard to find.   We still have a handwritten map from the nineties.   We tried parking this time at the new White Salmon Bike skills park behind the White Salmon ballfields,   We found it easiest to start by going down the road to the gun club road then looking for a steep trail.   There is an area with keep out signs to navigate.   Trail was in great condition, thanks to recent showeres.   Francine was excited to do the Millenium trail on the way up.  She thought that it had to be wider than the last time!  Nope - trail was extremely narrow, often with steep exposure below.  Francine opted to walk many sections due to the exposure.   Crazy trail, and if on your game, totally rideable.   Possibly one or two switchbacks that could be impossible.  When we neared the top of the ridge, we enjoyed the smooth trail without exposure and pedaled east towards Syncline trail system.   We just did an out and back to slightly beyond the the bench viewpoint.   The ride down has changed slightly with logging on one of the main routes.   Looks like quite a bit of trailwork has been done to one of the alternative descents, Triple Bypass Trail to Evergreen Hwy Trail.   Tight still.  I think I enjoyed the climb more.  The views were exceptional.  15 miles.

Francine decides to walk a little on the narrow!! Millenium Trail

Millenium trail

Kevin in his kermit the frog outfit

Francine on trail across the ridge top to
Syncline from hospital Hill

Descent, tight

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