June 23, Kris/Jack/Jim here & Bike and SUP "not" Downwinder

While Kevin had a massage in the morning, Kristin went out exploring on her roadbike.  Then we had Kristin drive us (Jack, Jimmy, Francine & Kevin) up to Binn Hill Staging area for another downhill shuttle.  Rode Dirt Surfer #140 for a little bit.  We put Jimmy on Kelly's old mountain bike which had Disc brakes.  Jimmy could not get used to how well those brakes worked.  After about 4 crashes, Kevin decided that he and Jimmy would descend on the road - No more trail for Jimmy.  Francine and Jack would get to descend 8Track.  They did tack on The Boot Loop #150L.  From here they did a couple loops in the Family Man area, and headed down the Seven Streams trail and rode to the house.

We all signed up for the afternoon 3pm SUP Downwinder with Big Winds, except Jimmy.  Big Winds drove us (Fran, Kevin, Kris & Jack) 8 miles west and downriver to Viento State Park.  We were to have the wind drive us upriver, the 8 miles back to Hood River at the Event Site.  About 2 miles into this, we had decided that with the low/lack of wind, this adventure was about 6 miles too long.  Jack gave the "bail out" sign, like you would for the The Seattle Big Wheel.  Unfortunately, there are no bailout points.

Jack wasn't to happy that he wasn't going to get these 2 hours of his life back ever again.  It took us over 2.5 hours to get finnished.  Brutal and not fun without wind.  Only sign up for a "Downwinder" when you know it will be windy.

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