June 27 & 28, Relax and hanging at beach

Scott is still recovering from rotator cuff shoulder surgery in February.  So, he had to torture himself with watching Kevin try to complete his jibes (turns) on the water.

Saturday - we drug Scott & Diane to yoga.  Instructor, Stephanie, was awesome in trying to modify the class to minimize shoulder use poses.  Scott & Di enjoyed their first time at yoga.  Our month of unlimited yoga for both of us for $129 ends today.  Then we went to the river to hang out at Waterfront Park.  Had a great dinner at The Thai House on the heights.

Sunday - Since Scott can't ride dirt trails, we opted for the paved 4.5 mile HWY30 bike trail to Mosier.  We rode all the way down into Mosier, hoping for coffee and snacks.  Turns out that the coffee shop is closed and we couldn't find food/drinks.  The grade back up is real nice, as it doesn't max out over 5% grade.  Scott and Di drove to White Salmon to check out the house Scott lived in years ago and another one he built.  Francine & Kevin went to the river for our usual spot - Francine in the shade while Kevin sailed.

Tomorrow, we pack up and head home.  We had an awesome time here and will probably repeat next June.

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