June 10, Day 11 Hood River

Francine gets her moto on.

All 4 of us went to morning yoga at 8:30, which was a workout, and got us sweating, while Hillary slept in.  Kelly, Jen and Hillary went for a hike in Mosier.  Kevin hung out, and Francine went to town for a few things.  Once back in Hood River, Jen & Kelly stopped at the salmon stand, run by the Native Americans, to get dinner, but the salmon hadn't made their way over the dam yet.  Maybe next weekend.  So, they picked up some smoked salmon instead.

In the afternoon, Francine and Kevin went for a dirt bike ride in Post Canyon, starting from the house.  They did the baby loop, 112L and Kevin convinced Francine to continue on.  We made our way up trail 130, which was in primo shape, compared to the ruts 2 years ago.  The dirt was as good as it gets.  Francine was even having fun at times, and enjoyed the banked corners.  We kept going up, and made it to Binns Hill Staging area, where we opted for the pavement cruise back to the house.
Had a great salmon dinner barbecued by Kelly.

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