June 7, Day 8 - Hood River

Tom and Lori arrived last night, just as Francine was leaving for a massage.

After breakfast this morning, Francine and Kevin went to morning yoga.  During Yoga, Tom and Lori went for a cruise on the Hood River to Mosier trail.
Lori at viewpoint on Hood River to Mosier Bike trail

Then we had Lori drop us just before the Family Man staging area, so we could do a short loop in Post Canyon, around 7 miles.

Francine, Lori, Kevin and Greg at car drop off for Post Canyon bike ride
Francine in Panorama mode on Mitchell Ridge Trail

Tom on Mitchell Ridge Trail

We rode to the Family Man staging area on the upper 7Streams trail.  Then over to Toilet Boil and up Spaghetti Factory to Mitchell Ridge.  We finished on the original Mitchell Ridge Trail (on the other side of the power lines) that finishes up at the main parking area.  Fun ride and the dirt is still great.  It is supposed to rain tonite/tomorrow, so the trails will be primo after that.

Francine went to a 3:30pm Chiro appointment, and Lori went for a walk on the waterfront.  The boys, Greg, Kevin and Tom, went to town to cruise the shops.
Kevin holding up the fence

Greg and Kevin outside Dirty Fingers Bike shop

Lounging on the deck

Lori and Tom brought dinner, pre-made hearty meat spaghetti sauce and garlic bread, along with tons of nice fruit, as well as strawberry shortcake for dessert.

Tom, Greg, Francine and Kevin

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