June 4-5, Days 5-6 Hood River

Sunday, June 4, and we did yoga again.  We returned home and today is a day off.  We putzed around, and made it down to the water to try flying a kite.  They pumped up the smaller 7meter kite, and Kev floundered around with a board and the kite.  Eventually the wind died, and we made it back home.  Greg arrived around 4pm, and we cooked Maui Ribs.


Monday, June 5, Kevin and Scott went for a moto ride in Post Canyon, going up Dirt Surfer to Kingsley Reservoir.   Francine and Greg were going mountain biking, and got dropped off a bit before the Family Man Staging area, and rode up 8 Track.  They sat around up there long enough, that Scott and Kevin came over the hill on their way up Dirt Surfer to say hi.  On Kevin's recommendation, Francine and Greg headed over the hill to descend Dirt Surfer.  The trail was in pretty good shape, but the non-motorized trails are smoother.  They climbed Spaghetti Factory to finish on Mitchell Ridge trail.


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