June 27, Kingsley Shuttle Again

Mt Hood across Kingsley Reservoir,     Photo by Holly

Route is dialed.   Trail conditions are still great.   Seth and Holly arrived yesterday.   Yesterday we did some loops starting from family man in Post Canyon.    This morning it was just Kevin and Holly.  Francine went to Yoga and took a needed day off from biking.  Seth was meeting a friend for a bike ride later in the day.  They did a monster ride with a friend (30+ miles), who amazingly lives about 5 houses down the street.  They rode up to the Kingsley Reservoir (where we have been shuttling) and back down.

Seth and Eli dropped Kevin and Holly off at Kingsley reservoir.   Great view across the lake looking back at Mt. Hood.    Saw one small trout caught.  Temps were almost cool.   Descent back to town was a lot of fun.

Holly enjoying day 2 in Hood River on Trail #133 Borderline

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