June 8, Day 9 Hood River

Today is another off/rest day.  After breakfast, Greg and Lori went for 9am massages at Hood River Holistic Massage with Tori and Brad respectively.  There were both super happy with their masseuses.

We then had an early lunch at Lake Taco, before Tom and Lori headed back home to Seattle, so they could have a full day home, before they headed off on another adventure in California.

Greg, Francine, Kevin and Tom waiting for our lunch at Lake Taco on the Heights
Kevin headed down to the water for a 2pm kite lesson, and Francine and Greg rested at the house.   Before dinner, we went downtown for a drink.  Usually, Double Mountain Brewery is so packed that we don't venture there.  It wasn't busy, and we even found a spot out front, so we had a drink there.   Then we went to Pho River Wok & Grill, a new restuarant started by the cooks that used to cook at Thai House.  We will not be going back to the Thai House.  Next, we went to Dirty Fingers for the movie, Ride your F#%ing Bike, which was a fundraiser for the 44Trails Association.  We were the only 3 watching the movie, as it was a social event for the locals.

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