June 22 thru 24th, Thursday thru Saturday

The house fills up again.  Pat and Larry, and Kris and Jack arrived today. We had Larry drive us up to Kingsley, and Kris, Kevin and Francine had a fun evening run down Sexy Beast-Dirt Surfer, Bad Moto Scotter, Grand Prix, Middle School, 7Streams.  Kris had a great time and it was a fun ride.

Francine & Kris at road intersection of Dirt Surfer and Trail #160

Mike, Heather, Eleni, and twins Sunny and Laila came in late to their rental house, just 3 houses down the street.  With Mike and Heather trading out on kid duty, we had morning rides and later rides going on.

June 23, Friday had Kevin, Mike and Jack riding Post Canyon with a mini bump-shuttle to the "Near Family Man" area.
Jack near bottom of Mitchell Ridge trail

Later Friday, Francine and Heather had their turn.

Francine riding across Kingsley Reservoir at start of ride

Francine at end of Sexy Beast trail
Francine on Dirt Surfer

June 24, Saturday, Kevin had to drive home to work.  So, Heather and Jack had the first am shift, and Heather did the route-finding.

Jack on a flat section of the climb on Upper 8Track

Jack on Spaghetti Factory
Francine and Mike had the afternoon ride with the near Family Man mini-shuttle bump, riding 8Track, Bad Moto Scooter, Grand Prix, Spaghetti Factory and finishing on the original (closed) Mitchell Ridge trail.

Kevin came home from work and went out exploring on his moto bike.  He wanted to explore the Forest Service Trails to the west of the Post Canyon Trail 130.  He found some steep, narrow trails.

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