June 18, Binn Hill Shuttle & June 19 WhoopDee again

Hmm, could be getting a little spoiled using two cars to start further out in the Post Canyon trail network.   Basically there are three spots to car car shuttle.   Closest is Family Man area, then Binn Hill staging area, and Kingsley reservoir furthest out.   From our house in Hood River it is about a 15-20 minute drive to Binn Hill.   Starting out further, let's us avoid the concentrated use seen at the bottom of the trail system.  Plus we get a lot more downhill!  On a busy weekend it is amazing to see how many cars are trying to find a parking spot on Post Canyon Road.   Anyhow a bit of a repeat of our Kinsley shuttle, except we climbed out towards Mitchell Ridge with a steep extra loop onto National Forest land, and a steep black diamond trail,

Francine on Bladerunner
Kevin on Bladerunner

On Monday, June 19th, Francine insisted on riding WhoopDee trail again.  After the Friday and Saturday rains, we were expecting damper trail conditions.   Still a fun ride and still not too hot.

Kevin near top of Whoopdee Climb, near the end of ride

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