June 6, Day 7 Hood River

Greg and Francine ride the Ridgeline at the top of Hospital Hill.

Today, Tuesday, is Scott's last day here.  He is planning on doing a paddle before making the drive back to the pass.

Greg, Francine and Kevin went to bike at Hospital Hill, on the Washington side.  It's been a few years since we have been here, and maps are scarce, as most of the ride is on private property owned by the Kreps family, who graciously let mountain bikers on their land that they graze cattle on.  As we were climbing on trail above the hospital, we ran into about 3 ranchers on horses, moving the cattle off Hospital Hill.  There is a no dog policy/leave gates as they are, thru the end of June, when they have cattle here.  They were friendly, and asked us to let them know if we see any stray cows, as one guy would be going back up the hill for about 15 more cattle.

We headed up the hill and at the first intersection, decided not to climb the super narrow Millelenium Trail, and to take the road, which now was a gravel road, due to logging.  Thankfully, at the next intersection, the gravel road stopped, and we were greeted with the normal single track options.  We climbed up to the upper trail that traverses over to the Syncline area.  We did an out and back here, and were thankful that logging didn't take out any of the upper trails for our descent.  We wound thru the woods and meadows and made our way down to the bottom, near White Salmon.

Great ride.  About 12 miles and 2,500 feet of elevation gain.   Trails were narrow, and in great shape.  Poison Oak was present, and we hope we washed it all off when we got back to the house.

Greg treated us to Thai dinner from Thai House on the heights.  Unfortunately, we didn't know that the cooks from Thai House left, and started their own restaurant, Pho River Wok & Grill.  I swear my Pad Se Ew was made with egg noodles.

Greg and Tom

Tom and Kevin

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