June 15, Kingsley Shuttle

Kevin gets his wheels off the ground

Took June 14 as a rest day.  The 10 mile loop worked us over pretty good.  I guess 3,000 feet of climbing in five miles is a good excuse.  Francine did a little yoga and I got worked over at my massage by Alex.
Francine on Sexy Beast Trail #171

Today, despite the growing cloud cover, we decided to drive up to Kingsley Reservoir and enjoy a 15 mile descent back to the house.   We poked around and tried some alternate routes to the standard Dirt Surfer trail, and came away quite satisfied.  Fun day and the rain held off till we got home.  Raining hard when we drove back to Kingsley to retrieve the car.

Route:  Bypassed first jeep road climb #197,  stayed on the far bank of the lower reservoir until it hit main road,  then took the road over to Sexy Beast #171.    Rode up #160 and down, which is kind of gnarly, but we wanted to check it out.  Next time we would hit Dirt Surfer #170 after Sexy Beast.  Then we would climb #130 to get over to #133 Borderline to check it out.  The trail #133 was sweet.  It will be our new go-to instead of continuing on Dirt Surfer, which is getting quite hammered.

At the bottom of #133 Borderline, we opted to continue on toward Dirt Surfer and over towards 8Track to descend on 8Track, so we could finish on the new flow trail, Middle School #101 below the Family Man area.  We ran out 7Streams and pavement to the house.  15.5 miles.

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